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Root Canal Therapy

If you experience tooth pain while chewing, if your teeth are very sensitive to hot and cold, or if the nearby gums are swollen and tender, you may benefit from root canal therapy. Root canal therapy is an endodontic treatment used to restore teeth affected by infection or damage in the dental pulp and nerve. Root canal therapy can prevent the need for tooth extraction by restoring the tooth’s health and structure. During root canal therapy, your gentle dentist, Dr. Szymczak, will remove the infected or damaged portion of the dental pulp and fill in the tooth. He will then cap the tooth with a dental crown, protecting the tooth and restoring its structure and function. Dr. Szymczak will explain the details of the treatment to you and will ensure that you are comfortable during the procedure. We welcome you to contact our dental offices in Glenville and Broadalbin, New York today to schedule your consultation with our experienced dentist. Our friendly dental team at Szymczak Family Dentistry looks forward to caring for you.

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